Segundo vídeo realizado mediante time-lapse, es un retrato en tinta china.
Second time-lapse video for the project, black ink portrait.

Retrato en tinta china

Retrato en tinta china realizado para el proyecto TheTimeLapseProject.

Este es un retrato realizado con tinta china, se puede ver el proceso completo en el vídeo adjunto más abajo. Es un retrato monocromo realizado en unos 30 minutos. Pulsad en el vídeo para ver el proceso. Y compartidlo!

This is a portrait done with black ink, you can see all the process in the video attached below. Is a monochromatic portrait done in  around  30 minutes. More paintings will be uploaded/published next weeks. Click on the video to watch the entire process. And of course, please share it!!

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  1. I also feel like maybe he tries to cover it up too the moment that he realizes, but I hope not that much. Well, at least I know he can't repress his ~feelings~ about Tigh — I feel like he and Tigh both realize just how MUCH they love each other in this episode was well. THEIR FRIENDSHIP IS SO MALIlAG.&Ct;3 <3 <3

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